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yea no problem ... So I remembered a clip that was posted regarding the Dim. Check out this sweep, first dry of course, then going through the hardware [HW], as well as UAD Dim and the ERS. This is utilizing setting 1. It's really remarkable how it retains a certain "meatiness" and organic quality like the HW!
Thats quite interesting !

The ERS sample sounds closer on its behaviour and its definition.
the UAD sample sounds closer with how it handles the top frequency end but smears the middle frequency range.

With the hardware version you can hear how it sweeten the top end making it softer in a very pleasant and musical way..the UAD does that pretty much close but the chorus itself algo sounds different...

Interestingly enough, the UAD frequency response is very unique...
I own the UAD plugin so i just checked with an analyzer's the UAD version's frequency response and attached a plot to get some idea....

Also another thing i noticed is the ERS sounds hmm adunno...perhaps.."drier" than the HW unit...i guess its more a notion of the stereo image..i guess the chorus algorithm on L & R alters more widely on the HW.....
on the UAD version..its too much already and becomes "too obvious" chorus tone....kind of swirl thing..... which is also very nice but...not the exact behavior of the original box.

I hope you could nail these two things and your plugin will be superb! i think it is already :-)

These are the missing link in ERS version in order to nail completely the behavior of the hardware !

EDIT: weird but lookin on the frequency response of the UAD i could hardly imagine how it would soften the top frequency end.... but strangely enough it somehow does...
I believe it what makes the UAD version to sound like it smears some frequencies in the middle ...causing the sound itself to have less definition and focus..
Judging by the plot, it looks like there would be some unwanted phase cancellations as well....
The frequency response of the UAD version is dynamic and always randomly changing in subtle amounts...thats the chorus behavior.

EDIT2: after listening more and more, i tend to feel like there's some tiny delay between L & R on the HW version ...sounds that way 'bigger'...fascinating !
good thing would be to test the HW and ERS units with a very short and percussive sample!
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