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First off, thanks to Harrie for allowing me to Beta test this amazing plugin.

Sometimes in the traditional algo plugin land, there are attempts at recreating a piece of hardware. I want to say though, sometimes it isn't about 100% reproduction but at least mimicking the overall aspects of an analog counterpart. And having said that, ERS not only got damn close but again more importantly they have created a plugin that behaves more like analog gear in the sense of adding to the signal without taking something away which unfortunately isn't always the case with plugins: they add a certain something that takes away from the signal.

I dare to say that amongst other algorithmic plugins, the ERS one is by far the best one yet. And I'm a big UAD fan and of course user as well. But this gem, man it shines. What I found mostly with other Dim style plugins is that they take away punch and low end content from the signal and create a diffuse sound. Throughout this development ERS went through several gestations and variations of the plugin until they achieved this organic behavior of keeping punch relatively intact while adding the beautiful shimmering chorus effect. The typical diffusion of other attempted plugins while trying to recreate this effect was also a challenge with the ERS version at first. They ultimately nailed the solidity without artificially exaggerating the stereo image but subtly enhancing it. While most plugin versions of this effect created a distant and flattening effect, the ERS version remained more true to the fidelity. Anyway enough of me talking, here's just a very few samples of electric guitar. As far as plugins go I just went solely with UAD, because of the others available, I thought it was 2nd best:

I'll try and get some drums up too if anybody's interested. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the hardware right now but if anybody wants to take the dry files and process them, go ahead.
Thanks for sharing. There's a pretty big difference between the two. Curious to hear how different they are to the real deal...

+1 for a Mac VST version - hopefully NOT iLok.