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Hi, Phill. Many thanks for spending time with us. It's an honour!

I'm very interested in knowing what microphones and console/preamps were used when tracking the instrumentation of the Wailers' Burnin'. That album is an all time favorite of mine for many reasons, especially the sonics.

Also, any fun memories of those sessions you'd like to share would be a great bonus.

All the best,

Tricky on the pre-amps/microphones etc.but nothing flash! The Tracks were recorded in Kingston on an 8 track machine. Mono Drums, Bass, Hammond, Guitars and Vocals. This was copied through the Helios desk to a 3M 16 track machine at Island studio 2 Basing Street, and overdubbed. We overdubbed more Hammond and guitars with band members and re-did most vocals., then added Rabbit on additional keys. We would only have used the Helios and Urei 1176's. Microphones - U87 on vocals, AKG D12 on Leslie bass-end and U87 on top. AKG D20 on guitar amps. The sound on multitrack is quite raw. There's a story about me 'burnin' the 2" tape while editing 'I Shot The Sheriff', but I think you should get AWSR? to find out!