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Hi Phill,

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

Just bought the book on Amazon, very much looking forward to reading it.

Could you tell us about working with Nilsson on the "Nilsson Schmilsson" album?
Those tracks are so beautifully arranged, it would be great to find out more about the way they were pieced together, and also the extent of Nilsson's involvement in the arrangements.

Any info/anecdotes regarding Nilsson would be much appreciated.


As I explain in AWSR? - the tracks were recorded at Trident. I was involved in instrument overdubs and vocals and some mixing. Richard Perry was a sharp and successful producer - Barbara Streisland. Track arrangements were tight - at source - This was 16 track technology - so had to be planned out. Wonderful collection of musicians who did not over-play. And Richard keeping it tight. Mixing was all manual with Richard and I 'playing' the 24in Helios Desk.

Vocal mic U87, although one vocal done in the control room on a SM7.