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Hi Phil, thanks for taking the time to do this. I really enjoyed the excerpts from "Are We Still Rolling" that were published in Tape Op years back and am looking forward to reading the book.

Along with Talk Talk etc... I've been a huge fan of the Small Faces "Ogdens Nut Gone Flake" for since discovering it in college in the mid-80's. It sounds great and was far ahead of it's time."Song of a Baker", for instance, predates the heavy, anthemic bombast that the Who embraced shortly after starting with 'Tommy". There has also been a long running debate about who made &/or released the very first "concept album"... Pretty Things/Small Faces/Beatles etc...

As the assistant engineer, I'd love to hear anything interesting you have to impart about that record.

Thanks again!

One of the first albums recorded to the new Ampex 8 track machine at Olympic Studio 1. Songs put down as a four piece band onto 3 or 4 tracks. Lead vocals and backing vocals often recorded together. Stanley Unwin recorded to 1/4" tape and 'spun-in' during mixing. Great humour and fun while making this album - also one of my favourites - more in AWSR?