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Old 7th May 2011
Here for the gear

As a technician I pride myself in doing the job for which I'm paid. Having said that, I need to know exactly what the problem is and be able to see it occur.
I'd contact the guy again and let him know the problem is not fixed. Make sure he knows what it is and make sure it can be reproduced in his presence.

I recently had a small Line 6 amp over for repair. The owner said that the amp didn't power on. I didn't attempt to power up the unit before pulling the head out of the cabinet. I probed on a few things, checked the power transformer, pulled the connectors from the power switch and checked it. I couldn't find any obvious problems and so I connected the speaker and found the amp to be working just fine. I reassembled the amp and it continued to work. I had the guy come pick it up and we both played through it while it was still here so that we both knew the amp was working great when it left here.
BTW, since I spent only a few minutes trying to diagnose a problem and did nothing in the way of repairs there was no charge.