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Just looked at your discography. I didn't know you'd produced this. I don't think you mentioned this in your book, though i could be wrong.

I love the early Associates sound - it's so chaotic and crazy, with so much going on.

Any recollections to share about producing those two songs? Must have been quite a challenge. Billy Mackenzie's voice must have been pretty loud and wayward, I'd imagine.

Did they bring much with them (synths etc)? The sound of it seems very "more is more", very opulent. From memory, those songs have some quite unusual-sounding reverbs on them, but I could be wrong. Haven't listened to them in a long time...
I did not produce The Associates - and although I did some recording (vocal, keys) I was mainly involved with the mixing. Yes Billy's vocal was not the easiest to record - as you say 'loud and wayward'. Although there was a great deal of instruments on tape it was all on 24 track. A vast amount of Top-End EQ added in the mix. Reverbs EMT Plate, and an early EMT digital reverb.