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Hi Phil!
Thanks for being here!
I would like to know how did you get the Drum sound in the record "Can the Can" of Suzi Quatro.
In the specific: what mike configuration you used? is a very "in the face" recording and at the same time have a lot of air..
And, if you have memories about it, what tape recorder you used?

Thank you very much for your amazing recordings!!
Wow - a while ago. Can the Can was recorded in Studio Two at Island Studios Basing Street on a 3M 16 track machine. The live room was small 30' X 20'. Drums - U87 as Overhead, 2 X U87's on Toms, Snare AKG 224 and an AKG D12 on Bass Drum. Everything close mic'd but some 'leakage' onto other instruments.