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Old 28th April 2011
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Why not make it an all-in-one uber-interface immediately?

Imagine a Metric Halo LIO-8, but instead of having the option of adding MH's pres, the box is 4U high and has 8 rails for 500 series modules... kind of a real hardware character plugin suite heh

Specs would be:
8 analog ins through 8 rails for 500 series modules
8 analog out
2 headphones out
ADAT i/o
Firewire connection to the DAW, if it would really be a Metric Halo product imagine having all the MIO console shebang...

My goodness, I would so totally buy such a box if I could afford it!
Or one could just buy a 500 series rack frame and a LIO-8. hehhehheh