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So I'm noticing a lot more producers these days are writing music on cracked software, this isn't anything new, obviously but it's pretty disgusting when they openly admit it on their facebooks or twitter... meh.

Just ranting, anyone else get bothered by this? It's almost like they're bragging...
Openly admitting it on Facebook or Twitter?

My, how intelligent.

Seems to me that the software companies' enforcement divisions are being handed a gift - let's hope they take advantage of it.

You know, in the old days in pirate circles it was always regarded as immoral to profit from pirated software or use it for commercial purposes. People who did that were ostracized of even on occasion turned in if they were bringing heat on the scene.

Incidentally, those people are not really "producers" - a real producer is somebody like Tony Visconti, George Martin, or Sandy Pearlman.

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