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I am a programmer...

I do program for a living, and I've had my stuff pirated. It's a fact of life, really. I sleep much better once I took that attitude.

I do pay for software that I make money from - and I use a ton a free software (GPL, Apache license, etc.) also. I also "borrow" cracked software as a form a demo to play with if the software has no demo already. If there wasn't a cracked version I would probably pass on trying the software already, and I've bought software I've tried this way after discovering if I would use it or not. If it has value to me, I buy it. If I can't decide if it has value, then it doesn't.

I also wouldn't equate software with hardware in any way: A piece of hardware (synth, effect, etc.) has a physical value. I can sell it if I don't like it, maybe cost me a little bit. Lots of software has restrictive licenses and codes that are hard to transfer, etc. Not the same thing, really.

As for copy protection/codes, etc. I wish the companies would just give it up. It creates a nightmare of authorizations and activations to the point where even if I own the software I'm often using the crack anyway, just to avoid the complications. And it will be cracked - haven't seen anything that wasn't.