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as far as I know, modern circuitry can have DC to DC Switchmode Converters all over the place. because they switch, they produce waves closer to squares then sine waves.. then they have to be filtered.. even then they tend to have ripple.. so it all still depends on good design.

inverting DC to power an AC front end from a battery array is another issue I guess.

If something took 12 volts after it's AC power conversion and you could tap into that with the right regulated or unregulated supply, then I guess those parts (could) perform well. but it depends if there are subsequent switchmode converters and good design.

other than that, I'm not sure why a battery based initial power source could necessarily always be said to be better.

I keep seeing the electrical industry talking about (supplying) the grid.
I'd have thought you'd need a two way cable system of some kind to feed back into any major power distribution system.

my understanding is that what they actually do is, let you use naturally produced energy from your solar/wind system in your own energy consumption scheme, then ramp the costs up to compensate themselves for any loss.

you don't think the energy sector is going to lose control of power generation now do you !! ?

actually feeding it back into a grid might be easier in the US as they have a lot of overhead power lines for the final leg.. thats not the case in many other countries though.. the UK final legs are mostly underground.