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Good plugin, but when you have a real one you realise two things:

1. They don't sound similar (those reviews that say they do _ I'd challenge them direct... even the mighty AM). the liquid mix dynamic-convo model sounds closer (but still not the same).

2. The way the gain works on the UAD is wrong. Completely wrong when compared to a real one.


the plugin is a great and excellent tool in it's own right!
I owned a massive passive for a very short while a couple years back. It was lovely

What I did use nearly side by side was the SSL plugs and hardware. What I can say is that the audio has more "aura" using hardware. Using fine art and film as an analogy: a super high quality reproduction photo of a Rembrandt, Van Gogh or Cezanne can be wonderful. A copy can as well. It captures so much. However, photography is a wonderful and inspiring medium in itself without being used this way. Theater is wonderful and so is film. Theater has a presence. There's something magical about being right there in it! Is it better than film? Is Photography better than painting?

I agree with the post obove. It's gotten to the point where even my non-audio females are blown away by how great the plugs sound.

But I gotta tell ya, to my ears, when I slap an api 2500 on a rock, pop or dance mix bus ... it's instant yeah yeah! I didn't get this boner when I used the fairchild or ssl duende mix bus.

Although the massive passive plugin was an OMG.