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Old 24th April 2011
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MWL/Neumann bv-30a

i just scored this little puppy for a ridicolous low price. im looking for schematics and any additional info. i know its made by MWL and is basically a late version of the CMV3. I actually found lots of sources saying, that this was made by neumann and rebranded for MWL. any info here would be cool as well. it uses a hiller tube now which im planing to replace with an ac701, add an m7 bajonett capsule and end up with almost a m49? i could surely use a second one!

ps...the thing im wondering about most is the power supply. i know it was actually in the CMV3s main body..which was a problem. anyone know how it was done ono this mic?

ps...Andreas from Idee und Klang...can you chime in? i know you use one as well.

MWL/Neumann bv-30a-kgrhqn-jme2h1kcqzgbnqd-uhl9q-_12.jpg

MWL/Neumann bv-30a-kgrhqf-jme2hecqlpybnqd-td38w-_12.jpg

MWL/Neumann bv-30a-kgrhqf-i8e2lc6v3m8bnqe-bo-lq-_12.jpg

MWL/Neumann bv-30a-msc2.jpg