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I think of something creative, something that will excite me from the very beginning. I don't approach any music differently. Good music is good music. There really are no rules. The difference between Rap and RNB is that it's going to be a singer and not someone talking over a beat. Technicalities aside, I approach any genre of music the same way: I want to complete a song, knowing that I did anything and everything to make it sound the best it can be. The genre has nothing to do with how I'm going to approach it, I will still give 110%.
I agree for the most part, I approach music the same way. I make the music first, then let the song tell me which direction to go with the vocals. Some songs I make intended to be rap songs, just dont have the right rhythm or tempo needed to rap over, but singing fits perfect, so those become R&B.

There's times I get inspired to make an R&B song listening to some old school ****, and after I'm done with the song, I find I like it better with rapping on it, and it becomes a rap song.

That said, I'm not sample-based, and all of the songs I make are very melodic, so they can all kind of go both ways without having to decide ahead of time. I find melody works for all music, including hip hop, so if you focus on making melodic music then you give yourself more options in the end when it comes time to add vocals.