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It would seem to me though that the more these types of things require people to take proactive steps to hide their activity, that the more that can be used against them if they are caught. You can't claim innocence if you are making use of technology specifically designed to hide what you are doing, using foreign proxies, encrypted connections, etc... You clearly knew it was wrong and were taking steps to cover your trail.

That, to me, would seem like the difference between being caught in a store at night and being caught in a store at night with a lock picker, flashlight, wearing gloves and carrying a duffle bag. It would seem that that could be used against you to prove you were willfully breaking the law and that a harsher punishment could be brought against you.

The more that is necessary, the more it will discourage people from going there. And that's ultimately the goal, not to make sure that meth addicts in the sticks of Alabama don't download music, but to make sure that the mass of otherwise normal citizens think hard before doing it, and possibly decide it's just safer to buy.