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Is that true?
I would have thought the 'average punter' in China doesn't even have the net.
You might mean the 'net savvy punter' in China
Most of us live in a media rich world of free speech, free markets and easily obtainable news, entertainment, software and consumer products. Even if certain aspects of the web become more difficult for 'average punters' I doubt they would be as motivated as the Chinese to seek out free speech and free music/software. Completely different society and cultural history.
you are correct , if we talk about averages for the entire Chinese population , then yes few have the net

I have read a variety of statistics on firewall circumvention in china , it ranges from 5-20% of internet users . Usage by foreigners is considerably higher , sometimes estimated at 90% and is basically required for any sort of foreign business operations in china. Usage among select groups is likely to be considerably higher , students , younger people etc. Official statistics are impossible obviously so this is all a bit vague.

I read also that US piracy is about 9% of users , that could be pro piracy propaganda though , right john! but I think it shows that the percentage of motivated users will educate themselves on new techniques if required , even if the mainstream do not . But it is those motivated educated users than this law is trying to target.

one thing that is interesting to consider . If 9% of people are pirates as reported , and a certain percentage of those are the hardcore that will never be stopped no matter what , what sort of percentage of people are we likely to target and actually stop with legislation and what sort of physical numbers do those people represent? What are the "best case" numbers in terms of actual pirates stopped and actual sales increased?