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average punter in china is very familiar with VPNs . To them its part of the normal internet now . you pay your isp and you pay your vpn provider.

it really depends on how restricted you wan't to make the interent

also you have to be careful when it comes to these things , the appearance of restriction can sometimes be enough to make people seek out counter measures . example when the australian government were thinking about their kiddie porn blacklist . 99.9999% of people would not affected (obviously) , but the very idea of restricting the internet outraged people. the scheme was dropped.

but as I said the warnings will stop most people and that seems to be the primary intent

"There is provision in the bill which would allow a copyright holder to apply through a court for suspension of service, but it won't come into force unless the Government considers the warning system isn't effective. "

so they are banking on warnings doing most of the work . and they are probably right . a few warning emails will make many people think twice.