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Originally Posted by kraku View Post
All the test results people post in this thread will be mirrored in this URL, including the original reference audio file:

AD/DA 10x Loopback Test Results

Current audio interface results in the above URL:

Focusrite Saffire LE
Metric Halo ULN 8
RME Fireface 400 (re-testing tomorrow - I suspect the patchbay between the I/O somehow affected the stereo image)
Originally Posted by jbjoubaud View Post
here's the file after 10 ADDA conversion for the metric halo uln 8.

I had to adjust the levels every time, and I adjusted the last file with sonalksis free G for to get it to match the first file a close as possible (only used the trim button to add .90 dB)

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are you shure the ULN and saffire are true 10x times ?
they sound like 1 time.

a -1dB in the lows = -10dB with the 10x time loop.