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Old 7th April 2011
Question Well I'll be....

Wow! Not the results I expected from this test. Here are the test results using RME Fireface 400:

AD/DA loop back test results for RME Fireface 400

The original signal is normalized and I also normalized the signal between each bounce. I used the inputs channels which didn't have mic pres on them. As you can hear the stereo image drifts pretty dramatically. This is why I included both 5 and 10 bounce versions. If you listen to those clips in mono, you'll clearly hear how the high frequencies get lots of sizzle.

Could someone try the same thing using a different audio interface and the original sample file for cross comparison purposes. I'd be really interested in hearing some really high end interfaces and how their results compare to my mundane FF400 heh (also the new Steinberg interface is of interest to me here)

The patchbay between the I/O caused this. I redid the test without the patchbay and updated the results. I also left the old faulty results in the same location for educational purposes on the dangers of using patchbays.