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What I see is that the AD is installed within the frame, not a module you add to it. Are there 8 channels AD/DA converters with ADAT out for the 500 series...I went through grace design's website and there's no mention of such an unit...


so, you've got 8 slots of preamps, with the option of LINE OUTS, like a normal 500 serie rackmount, but with the addition of a AD - with the outs in the back.

It'd be perfect for the home/project studio, like mine, who wants the flexibility of 500 serie gear w/o the price tag of the high end 8 channels converter.

And imagine the mobile rigs:

A FME Fireface 800, A Metric Halo, even a MOTU 896 (I don't know why I bring this unit up...;p), a good 1 rack space 8 pres unit PLUS a 8 slots/3 rackspace 500 serie rack with AD conversion and ADAT out filled with 4 pairs of great 500 a power conditionner...

6U - 32 channels....

I'd buy this rack tomorrow!