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Lives for gear
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I was in high-school in the mid 1960s and had been interested in electronics and music for many years. I put the two together and bought my first recorder (Sony TC-250) and microphones (three Sony ECM-22). I was (and still am) involved with several choral groups.

I now am the technical director for a large festival chorus which has been doing several international tours and recording several other large groups, also. My Alesis HD24 died on our last trip to Romania (shaken to death as checked baggage on KLM/Delta) and I just replaced it with a JoeCo BBR-1. As soon as I make new cables to interface to my SP828 preamps, I will be back in business. I am also researching a good mic preamp circuit to build another 16 channels.

Because of the sorry state of audio for video, I got into video about 20 years ago and I now have a 4-camera digital HD live-switch production unit with Sony EX and XD cameras, switching with a Panasonic AW-HS50 and recording to AJA KiPro and Panasonic AG_HMR10.

These are all extra-curricular as my day job is engineer at Intel Corp.