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ok i know this has been a question for a while now but lets narrow it down for all who have used both ima list some peaces of gear an you guys compare.

au 1176 , hardware vs plugin ?

la2a , hardware vs plugin ?

ssl bus comp, hardware vs plugin

ahh what the hel you get the point how close do you think hardware is vs sotware ? for instan is it worth spending 2 to 5 grand for one peace pf rack gear instead a whiole bundle of plugs ?
Let's put it like this. If you were to A/B between the hardware and plugs you would quickly realize that the plugs aren't even close to the real deal. Is it worth it to spend the thousands needed for each piece? That's up to you. You can certainly make a fine sounding mix using all plugs, but it will never sound like a mix that uses the real hardware. At the end of the day you have to make the decision as to whether it is worth it for you and your art.