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ha,I just sold my pair.
in this climate,I actually couldn't justify keeping them.
very different to the 330!
super great tracking comps for bass/vox
mixbuss wise,can be amazing,can also be kinda one trick ponies .
I loved them.
funny i had friends who tried mine and just didn't get each his own.

sound really good on certain mix buss apps...but my be too slow for others[faster heavy rock/thick layered faster pop]..also can be a bit finicky setting up[sweet spot] certianly not what I would call "versatile".
GR wise,just a dab will do ya..on stereo mixes I'd usually would do just a db or less of gain reduction.
but.. when they're set right on the right material they're ace!
also try em on the drum buss on limit mode.yikes.
and they will do great things to the low stay big and thick.
the other thing I noticed sonically is they kinda soften/round the outer edges of the stereo mix a bit..[listen on headphones]..hence for a more modern sheen i'd go to a more clean aggressive/shiny option like obsidian,shadow hills,etc..but sometimes the 660's in conjunction with something more modern.
Originally Posted by alexstringer View Post
I bought a pair today. I'm very excited!
They are replacing my Focusrite 330. I picked them because i need a pair of comp/ limiter with a big bottom for House music.
Hopefully, i won't be disappointed.
First time ever I spend so much moolah on a stereo comp! They better stands to its reputation!