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You are indeed wrong. And worse.

Except for a single design that was licensed from ADL by Presonus, no ADL product has been made or marketed by Presonus, and this includes the ADL1500 that is the subject of this thread.

There is in fact no connection whatever between the ADL1500 and Presonus, as has been stated repeatedly here.

Your undying effort to create a connection where none exists is misinformation of the worst kind.
You are correct, but the others YES like the 600...
Anyways I have to stop bitching with you guys and chill, Jules is getting all heated and lathered up over this thread getting out of hand, says its trivial. Klonopin is needed I suppose.
Good Luck with your ADL gear. Buy More, Buy it all..........

For now I'm out of the mix.