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Then you go for it.............waiting.
It's up to you and me since I had facepalm on post 15 and you followed up on post 16 with a stupid remark.
Come on, Give it your best shot on ADL, which has nothing to do with Presonus ? I already proved my point on that.
My "stupid" remark was that you're wrong, it's actually right since you've proven you know nothing about Anthony DeMAria and what he does. He has one association with presonus, mainly he's known for making compressors and doing restoration work on vintage gear. His place is in upstate NY, where as Presonus is in Baton Rouge. I even posted a link so you could look for yourself and see what else DeMAria does. But I guess you were too busy spouting off to notice. He also makes a copy of a Fairchild 670, that probably sells for 10 grand. If you actually paid attention to this thread you would have noticed the OP is posting about a unit made in 1996. I guess it must be a piece of junk if it can't work perfectly after a lousy little 15 years.

As far as the 600 goes I won't waste my time with you any longer on that.
BTW YOU ARE ANONYMOUS, there's no real name anywhere, no link to a website so people can actually check out what you do
and see if you have a clue. That would make you anonymous.