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I bought a used ADL1500 about two years ago. It was all kinds of weird. I sent it back to ADL. It took a while, but came back perfect. Anthony did a complete rebuild/update/tweak, new power tranny, retube & new t4s. He really wants every unit out there to be at it's best. Didn't cost that much either, less than $500 including shipping. Anthony's a good guy.
Here is my point, GS is full of issues as such about ADL in the past, the guys that are building the gear can do better and that goes for better tubes in the 600, prue junk. Nothing as such if its great gear should ever leave the warehouse with poor built tubes.
I am sorry I am just hearing to much bad coming from ADL, I have owned many pieces of Presonus gear including the 600, bad luck with all, tubes firewire ports, pots...the list goes on with Presonus.
The good and the bad must come out of there products for the searches here on GS. I read searches before I buy and make those decisions for the past few years, and all I have read has pretty much been on point.

Again Back to Topic........