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I don't want to differ, and you guys may be right.
Read Links, click on them. So I call you Bull Fuc*ing Sh*t.

PreSonus ADL 600 Reviews |

ADL: Magazine Reviews

PreSonus, ADL hitting sweet spot.(sound recording) | HighBeam Business: Arrive Prepared

Presonus ADL 600 Dual Channel Mic, Line, Instrument pre studio equipment review

I don't care how you slice and dice your favorite ADL product, Presonus name is attached.

Back to Topic..........Please

Should SAE's custom Series 75 console leave a lot to be desired, bad QC, etc, are you going to then go on AMS Neve threads and start sh1ting on AMS Neve?
I'd hope the answer is no. Reason? Because it's not their product. SAE licensed the Neve name for their product that's based on past Neve products.

You've either completely missed the point or you have some ridiculous pride to not want to admit you're wrong (kind of crazy considering you're keeping yourself anonymous).

Again, this is an ADL 1500 thread.