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I said...... (repeat) I know nothing about the 1500, "again the 1500",though it seems like its following the same path as other gear made by Presonus.
Let's see, in the past I have had issues with Central Station (cheap piece of gear) ADL600, FirePod and some others I cannot remember, I don't recall having issues made by API, DanAlexander, John Hardy, JLM, Avalon, Most of A Designs stuuf, SSL, Studer, Trident, Apogee, Apple......The list is long.
ADL600 is made by Presonus, who licensed the design from ADL.

The 1500 has absolutely nothing to do with Presonus.
So your purpose on this thread hangs a big question mark over your head.
I would also say that most of the brands you listed have been mentioned by posters here as having problems one time or another. No gear is immune to malfunction, whether it be from shipping or wear and tear. Without exception.
People are talking about the good support on offer from ADL, which is all you can ask for from these manufacturers.
So again I don't get your point. At all.