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Dim D by ERS (Empty Room System) Discuss

OK Fellas!!!

As many of you is aware, the Dim D from ERS (Replica of the Dimension D by Roland) is now in Beta and I thought a specific thread for it is more then deserve and here it is.

For those part of the Beta Team must already started enjoying how beautiful this plugin sound. Honestly talking, I think i've heard the original SDD-320 chorus build by Roland once in my life and that was a long time ago. And not only form what I recall as the original sound, ERS really grabbed the sonic of it but enhanced it to a better sounding chorus plugin.

Without a doubt, so far, from al the Chorus plugin (with respect to their own sonic differences and flavor), this one is by far one of the 3 TOP Chorus sounding plugin that you music Engineers will enjoy using. But again, don't take my word for granted, you will be the judge.

Stay tuned for more comments, report for my other fellas till the day All of you will be able to put their hands on, I swear It's MAGIC. If I would refer to express the feeling in culinary way, I would imagine: Honey, Butter with a toping of a smooth strawberry fondant... Ayayayyai, think I should just stop there. hahahahhahahah!!

Stay Tune & Thanx to ERS for this amazing products.

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P.S I'm not sponsored by ERS (just for the record)