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So, yeah. I'll be getting my hands on some money soon and as all I have right now is a dunlop wah; I want expand on that a little. I play in a surf/rockabilly band and produce mellow folktronic stuff on the side. Here's the basket I've put together so far. Comments and suggestions appreciated, as well as chaining tips!

Harley Benton powerplant (power box)
Digitech Digiverb (for short delays, but I want it for the reverse reverb effect)
Danelectro Tuna Melt (tremolo)
E-Bow (because I secretly hate attack)
EHX White Finger (compressor)
EHX Memory Boy (because I can't afford a DMM... expression pedal input is nice though for those wild effects)
EHX Small Clone (Chorus)
Boss OS2 (distorsion and overdrive... also considering a danelectro cool cat or a big muff pi)
Boss NS2 (noise gate - I'm using single coils)
Akai E2 Headrush (loops. It's a fun addition but not really essential)
Expression pedal

Id buy a handmade MKII Tonebender from only!

Id get the classic Big Muff

Fulltone Plimsoul

a vintage Roland space echo 201

EP Booster...