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Old 24th July 2003
Pye mono cassette recorder.

1974 1975 ???

Artist - me, on classical gtr using a plectrum to play the Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash (oddly enough years later I was to learn that the original or Steet Fighting Man I forget wich, was origionaly started by Keef on a similar recorder as a scratch / demo idea then bounced to multitrack to be completed)

Anyhow, aged 14 or 15 I, unlike Keef, sounded totaly ****!

I nearly cried! I was stunnned how awfull I was.

So I practiced till I got better,

I became a good rhythem guitarist by monitoring my progress with the cassette recorder..

OK, I forgot, around 1970 aged 10 my Dad and I went into a booth in Victoria Station where you could record a "45" seven inch record. (like in the video for "Tribute" by those joke heavy metal idiots.....???) We told jokes and giggled, I think I still have it. There must have been a cutting lathe in the booth somewhere... We definetly had red light fever! It was fun though. Happy days....