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Originally Posted by Yetti
Hi Peter,
Yes things are much better!
My Fiance is actually very supportive of my studio efforts. The bands that I record on the side are usually on a very low budget, so it will take a few projects just to pay for the Pacifica.
I have been single for a while, so I am used to spending my money however I like. I am going to have to adjust to the concept of "our" money very soon though.
Thank you Peter for a GREAT product, and for also adding some more humor to this funny thread.
Gearslutz is such a great forum, with a great group of people!

On another side note:
Does GS ever have any kind of yearly convention?
Maybe a Golf outing?
How fun would that be to get a large group of GS members hacking up the course, and then having some food and drink afterward?
Hi Yetti,

Just try and enjoy life......cause it's too damn short........on the part about joint accounts (which I call the family plan) always worked for me!

GS get-togethers are as Tony said.................. normallyAES/NAMM......they've been pretty good on the ones I've attended but I was sorry to miss James Lugo's party at NAMM!!

For the most part do your best to look for the educational parts of this my mind that is what this is supposed to be about.

keep me posted please!
Peter Montessi
A Designs Audio