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Originally posted by Drumsound
I've done a few r2r or cassette to CD things. The most "amusing" one was from a local stoner guitarist. He goes by Larry Mondello. He's in his 40s and lives with his Mom. He gets high and "jams" a lot. He brought me a cassette (no case or lable) entiled "Not all Librarians are Lesbians." He tells me that it's about 20 minutes long and that I should stop the CD "when it starts to not sound professional." I almost pissed myself at that one. I wanted to hand it back to him right then. I took it home and recorded the whole side of the cassette onto a CD and told him to play it and tell me at what number I should edit it to. There was no way I was actually listening to this crap! He never got back to me...I guess it's all genius!heh