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Hello Psycho_monkey,

I have a similar issue concerning the ADAT recognition in Logic Studio...

Here is my setup:

TL Audio Fat Track with TLA ADAT interface ---> Digi 002. The Fat Track is the master clock.

I've set "analog 9-10 input" (for ADAT 1-2 input) to record a track. It's possible to record a source but I got many clicks from time to time. Because Logic is not set to "optical clock source"

In Pro Tools, everything is working properly: I just go to hardware setup, select optical instead of internal. I can set ADAT 1-2 to record, & I got no clicks. If I don't set PT to optical I got the same thing (clicks on recordings..)

In the digi core audio driver it's not set to spdif.
I've changed the configuration in Logic:
sync/audio sync/core audio/external
I've added the sync mode on the tool bar & activated it

I still get clicks into my signal though.
Can you give me some tips to resolve this issue?

Have a nice one,

From memory, sync mode in the toolbar is to do with timecode sync, not clocking.

When you load the Coreaudio driver, then choose hardware setup, you should see a tab for "clock source" - I think it's on the bottom left (can't check right now, don't have an avid interface at home anymore). Set this to ADAT?

Try clocking the other way round - so the 002 is the master - does this work?