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Old 23rd July 2003
Lives for gear

I've been recording since I was god knows how young. 13 or 14. I did a WHOLE ALBUM with my brother and my best friend that would be far to embarrassing to post. It was for the most part improvised. I recorded with a few bands in different places. Mainly just jams and some bad verse chorus verse chorus vocal-less songs.

Then I got a Tascam Cassette 4-track when I was probably 7th-8th grade. A drum machine later and made some very embarrassing recordings.

Eventually I discovered cool edit (before cool edit pro was even thought of) and boy i was in heaven. CUT AND PASTE MULTITRACKING was the order of the day. I recorded some very elaborite stuff this way. I had this behringer enhancer that i thought was awsome and cranked the knobs on it and ran about everything through it. I also had one of the first digitech guitar pedals ever made and used it for effects. Sounded like total ass x1000.