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saying something about the top AE's having the mindset that the song is everything, and the individual instrument's sound doesn't mean squat in the grand scheme of things or something to this effect.

"It is imperative that the zorch-fuego-twerg playing guitar is hearing 'his sound' in the room. IT CANNOT BE OVERSTATED"
I imagine what he's saying is that in a mix it doesn't matter that individual instruments might sound bad on their own (too thin, too weedy, too bassy, whatever), what's important is how they fit into the whole of the mix.

But when you're tracking you don't want your guitarist having some thin anaemic headphone mix in his ears when you want him/her to be giving a great performance (even if you know you're gonna be thinning out that huge powerchord-fest when it comes to mixdown). In fact, I'd probably say that ideally you ought to be going further: giving the guitarist his sound but better.

How much of that guitarist's headphone mix goes down to tape will vary on a case by case basis. I mean, singers often get given headphone mixes with processing that isn't being recorded: compression, reverb and maybe some EQ for instance.