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An update on my choice now! I asked my music-tech teacher and he reccomended me this package after trials with the microphone. sE Electronics Z3300A + FREE Project Studio Reflexion Bundle at

Have you guys used it as well? Sound clips sound extremely promising.
Same price as the Shure SM7B too, so my final decision is between them two.

Tbh, if this is gonna be pretty much your only decent mic for now, I'd prob go for the Z3300A deal. While I love my SM7b, there are some thing where a condenser is gonna be more useful -- things like acoustic guitar for example.
Having the option of different polar patterns is very handy too.

What are you planning on recording with this? You've only mentioned rap vocals ---- is that what you'll be recording exclusively, or will you be throwing all kinds of sources at this mic? If you were only recording rap vox, I'd prob lean on the side of the SM7b, but it's really difficult to give you advice "blindly" about this ----there are some voices that it simply doesn't work for (as with all mics).

If you really can't go somewhere and try the mics for yourself, try and find somewhere that will let you return/exchange the mic, in case you get it home and it's really not right....