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Old 2nd March 2011
Here for the gear

Steve !!!
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this rather obscur console . I followed your instructions and BAM , i got everything down in a stereo image. What a relief !!!
The manuel that comes with the console has a quite extensif descriptions of its components but not much about hands on advice . I guess at the time the ''home studio '' term did not exist and the manual and console would be owned by experienced engineers . Things have changed ...
i also own ( well was given ) the M-50 Tascam console , wich is much easier to use but is much less powerful .

Now , i will try and properly add some effects to my mixes . For the moment , i am just using the acc send-rcv from individuals strips or in the Buss section . The AUX's on this console are very tricky ...

Anyhow , if i get stuck again , i know who to ask ! Thank you for shedding all this light for me Steve .

Cheers from Montreal ,