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Here for the gear

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Hi Steve ,
Ive been Using the Tascam M15b for a few years now and use it mostly for the preamps in a hybrid set-up with protools . Ive been trying to use this board for mixdown but cannot find a way to use it properly . Quite frankly , i am confused when i want to get a proper stereo image . Ive read the manuel so many times and i would greatly aprreciate some help .

Gerd , if you have figured it out , please let me know .

Thank you in advance


Hi Pierre,

Not sure how much I can help, but I'll give it a shot.

When I was using the M15 for mix downs, I'd assign whatever input modules I was using to BUSS 7+8. Make sure the brown push button is selected for BUSS 5-8, other wise you‘ll be sending signals to 3+4. Now BUSS 7+8 becomes your “master” stereo output buss. The stereo signal is output at the LINE OUT 7+8 at the back of the mixer. Or, you could bypass the summing amps for 7+8 and use the acc send outputs for BUSS 7+8, a cleaner signal.

Most of the time I would just monitor my mixes directly from the outputs of a CD burner, etc. If you're monitoring thru the mixer the short throw faders in the monitor section need to be up to "0". The "bat handles" for MON A SELECT in the monitor section need to be set to BUSS and the MON A PANS are hard L+R.

“Getting a proper stereo image” can be interpreted 2 ways. For now I’ll limit this reply to getting stereo panning to work on the M15. If your input modules are assigned correctly to BOTH 7+8, the pan pots on the M15 will provide the panning. Full left sends the signal to buss 7 (LEFT) and full right sends the signal to buss 8 (Right). The pan pot set straight up will send a mono signal to both L+R equally.

Now…if any of your input modules on the M15 have a stereo signal coming in, say a stereo piano, you’re probably using 2 inputs. Using inputs 1+2 as an example, assign input 1 to BUSS 7 only, and input 2 to BUSS 8 only. This will maintain the stereo image, hard L and hard R.

If for some reason to want to pan a stereo sound a little to one side or the other, assign both BUSS 7+8 on both inputs. Then you can (for instance) pan channel 1 hard L, and channel 2 straight up. This “should” favor the stereo image to the left.

Much of this depends on how you have you gear patched into the M15. If using line in, make sure all the “bat handles” at the top of each input strip is set to the “line” position.

There may have been something I missed, but if this doesn't help we'll try again! The M15 is/was an awesome mixer for it's time. Very versatile, maybe too much so. Quite frankly, I'd rarely use the monitor section to monitor off tape. I'd always try to get HP mixes to sound close to a final mix, even with FX. Problem was that when it came time to record to tracks 7+8 on the tape deck, I'd have to switch all my HP mixes to 3+4.

Hope I was able to shed some light.