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Nothing is clenched here and little is misunderstood as I read the plain English above. I was reacting to the language that I term a "Gearslutz Fact."

A Gearslutz fact is foisted on readership in the guise of an opinion stated as settled consensus.

I reacted specifically to the notion that the converters (pre Prism era) were not good and that the platform was not originally aimed at classical. Both of these statements are not received without an arched eyebrow here.

Whether SADiE is suitable for a mastering task depends on what kind of mastering one is doing. If it is for Ozzie heavy rock with a dash of Peruvian marching powder and a long list of plug-ins then I would have to recommend against it.

If the mastering task includes tubes, transformers, a white powdered wig
(or white lab coat) and outboard gear as required with quick, easy assembly and touch ups in the edit computer, then it is a great candidate for the center of a mastering set-up.