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SADiE users here since about 1989 (v2). We have 7 SADiE systems here currently - (1) "Classic" v3, (1) 2496 v4, and (2) DSD/PCM-8 SADiE 5 - and we're running (2) v6 on laptops, plus an LRX! Countless classical and non-classical projects have been edited, mixed, and mastered here on SADiE, both when we were part of Telarc Records and continuing with our current company. The SADiE workstations have been an important part of maintaining the highest audio quality from project start to finish, but just as important: SADiE keeps our workflow as efficient as it can possibly be.

Top drawer all the way!

A recent live session with The Cleveland Orchestra for DG - notice the SADiE 5 in the center as one of two master recorders:

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