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above contains A Gearslutz Fact

Sorry, but some person above has proposed what I have taken to calling a
"Gearslutz fact."

I would like to take issue with the notion that SADiE was not proposed for classical music from the outset and that the converters are not very good.

I have known about SADiE from day one and followed its progress. The BBC used SADiE computers for classical from the beginning and SADiE's strength was (and still is) the trim window. No other editor matches it with this.

The converters on the latest versions of Series 5 PCM H are very good as are the LRX converters. No less a classical freak than Tony F. has stated such.

So the person above stating that the converters are so-so and that the box was not aimed at classical precision edits from the start is not going to find universal acclaim for his pronouncements. Indeed, he has stated a "Gearslutz fact" which is an opinion or myth masquerading as settled consensus.

It is easy to hook up the AES output of the SADiE to a d/a and I agree that this is what most people do. But they do it in order to have volume control as well as to have their chosen d/a converter.

As we know, most program material going in to SADiE is already digitized or is digitized in the studio with the chosen a/d. However, if one uses the SADiE
a/d and d/a I don't think you'll feel or sound like a sinner.