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I don't use the PCM-8 converters so I can't comment on their sound.

However, If I was just starting out then I think a Sadie V6 system paired up with an Orpheus would be a great system to get things going.
The SADiE converters are really not that great, except for dialogue. We used a 24.96 then a PCM8 system for years doing classical recording/editing and I don't know a single decent engineer who used them - Tony Faulkner used dCS and that sort-of started a trend I think (it's the one we followed anyway). The Orpheus is a very good call - especially now they sleep together.

If this is for mastering, not mainly heavy editing, I'd also explore a little further. I'm a loyal SADiEst for all things classical and for that editing - our sister facility is the only accredited UK training company apart from Westminster University - but no longer for mastering. For recording and editing I have v.5 on an LRX2 and I'm not yet tempted to 6.