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As far as I know patents and trademarks are involved both in the LEDE principle (which was invented by Don Davis + Chips Davis / SydAudCon)
Yes, I understand that, and also understand that SydAudCon had a system in place to verify a given design met the criteria, and once "certified", a given studio could proudly wear the banner, "LEDE CERTIFIED".

And this is precisely why I've repeatedly asked THIS day and age, WHAT "certifies" any given designers design, other than "his/her" promise, by contract or not, to meet an agreed to set of criteria. In other words, is there any INDUSTRY WIDE set of sonic criteria/parameters that ALL Studio designers attempt to meet by virtue of proof of performance..and then is there some kind of INDUSTRY WIDE compliance/approval mechanism in place that guarantees a given studio CR has met this criteria?

So far, it appears the only answer I've received is each designer "attempts" to satisfy his own interpretation of what the acoustic performance of a CR or Live room should be. Talk of so called existing "standards" doesn't mean diddly squat if there isn't some kind of INDUSTRY wide "agreement" of these criteria, and "approval" by virtue of some kind of Industry wide performance "evaluation" committee or something to that And once tested, some kind of AES approval stamp..kind of like what SydAudCon tried to do virtue of their awarding a stamp of approval called LEDE Compliance. At least to my way of thinking.
Otherwise, this whole ball of wax is only supported by opinion. Mine.

Furthermore...exactly who/what guarantees/certifies any given ENGINEER, has the auditory tools that can precisely utilize a "certified" room in the first place.

I submit...reputation is the only criteria a given engineer needs to land a job. Same with a studio designer. There are no "certifications" such as a STRUCTURAL ENGINEER is required to maintain.

Thanks John..., but WHO certifies any given design meets these criteria, as the statement below implies that anyone can design/build a room that the designer/owner "claims" is an RFZ control room.

All I have is basically the comment of SAC and others that there are lots of not-really-working RFZ/LEDE rooms and few that do.

Exactly what certifies the "few that do"...actually DO?

For the clients that pay good money for studio time in these "not-really-working RFZ/LEDE rooms..all I can say is ....CAVEAT EMPEROR! heh Had they had luxury of some kind of PROOF OF may or may not made a damn bit of difference to their bottom line when it comes to the selling of their product. However, I just hate it when someone tries to sell me something that's based on a lie... ie..."soundproofing foam" comes to mind at the moment. The only difference is..when you install "soundproofing foam"...and then hear a person talking in the next KNOW you've been conned.

Not so with a "not-really-working RFZ/LEDE room. I'd submit...even the engineers who work in these rooms couldn't detect it..even with NON CERTIFIED GOLDEN EARS! Hmmm, reminds me of the Kings Clothing. Kinda like the "Hemholtz Formula" debacle a few years ago. How many acousticans/studio designers incorporated these devices based on a flawed formula..and THEN...NO ONE HEARD IT???????????

One final question. How does one measure the "performance of diffusers" in a given room in question here? All I've ever seen in that regard is a picture of RPG labs testing a "RPG diffuser"..but the testing lab is FILLED with POLYS in the first place??????????? WTF?

Ok, enough of my NON EXPERT curiosity. Carry on.