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Originally Posted by dropd9 View Post
I'm a good six months out from moving forward with a dedicated mastering DAW.

In the meantime fishing for thoughts/opinions regarding sadie (as mentioned) as there don't seem to be very many using their systems or software.
Actually, there are quite a lot mastering people using SADiE, it's just that not many of them seem to frequent web forums :-)
Also how does the hardware handle conversion and other processing compared to dedicated outboard?
If you mean sample rate conversion, I don't bother with SADiE's own routine these days, it neither sounds nor measures as good as the newer crop of SRC applications. Personally, I use Sample Manager on a separate (fairly old) iMac networked to the SADiE so I see its drives, and that works a treat quite inexpensively.

Processing? I expect you mean plug-in usage: for the one EQ and couple of limiters I run, 5 on an H16 is more than adequate - most processing here is outboard. If you wanted to run much more than that then 6 would probably be the way to go.