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Also, WHO is doing this so called "approval"
As far as I know patents and trademarks are involved both in the LEDE principle (which was invented by Don Davis + Chips Davis / SydAudCon) and its further development RFZ-LEDE (which was introduced by Peter D'Antonio + John H. Konnert / RPGinc). As far as I know (again) They have the right to approve studios to be consistent with their design but I might be wrong here.

, what is used to certify this "approval", and exactly WHAT is an approval in the first place?

Could you please elaborate on this "criteria", or link me to it?

Thank you.
If I knew that exactly I would not have written that the criteria are not fully disclosed.

I take it to be granted that you know what an ETC measurement is and how the general principles about the ITG, the termination are defined etc. but there seem to be more and undocumented features. But again, I might be wrong here. All I have is basically the comment of SAC and others that there are lots of not-really-working RFZ/LEDE rooms and few that do.