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Seriously, this method seems to be a good possibility to get the best out of a small room. They could have tried to install a RFZ/LEDE room in the bigger of the two, but this would not work well for surround. Also, keyword here is try because it is not easy and the principles do not seem to be even fully disclosed as a whole anywhere. For the smaller room of the both an RFZ/LEDE approach would have been out of question right away.

In any case the elimination of direct reflections above 20 - 25 dB seems crucial.

Originally Posted by avare
I do not know. Looking at the graphs critically, I suspect one third octave as the coarsest. I counted the bumps in the bumpiest ares of the responses. I would not recommend this method for amateurs.
You mean the smoothing, the bump counting or this sort of treatment?

With a number of modex absorbers plus the Jens Eklund Optiffusors it seems doable.