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First of all, "Rock-It Cargo", like "Sound Moves" are freight forwarders... nothing more, nothing less. They merely book trucks, planes, etc. to get your **** from point A to point B. They don't own fork lifts, they own telephones and contacts with people at transit companies.

For larger moves [like consoles, 24trks, etc.] N. American Van Lines "Hi-Value/Blanket Wrap" service comes in very handy... but if you're talking about moving a bunch of **** across country... unless you can afford to have your racks tied up for a week, you're talking 'air cargo'... in which case, I seem to have had the best luck with United, and the worst experiences with American Airlines [coincidentally, an airline that Rock-It Cargo seems to favor].

The bottom line is that is that it's your responsibility to have your **** racked in cases so they can withstand a good 6-10 foot fall on their face, onto concrete... it's also your responsibility to have some pretty solid insurance on your ****, that includes paying for replacement rentals during down time due to cartage mishaps.

Good cases aren't cheap on the initial purchase, but the money they will save you over the years from lack of downtime, makes them a very wise investment. If you really want to get into it, you can have them pre wired to interface with every studio on the planet... there is a myriad of options... and all of them are fairly expensive... but always seem to work out cheapest in the long run.

Best of luck.