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The Parlor Recording Studio - New Orleans - Construction Journal

Hi everyone, I'll be posting photos and information as things develop during the building of my new recording studio in New Orleans. It will be called The Parlor. Here is more info:

"Scheduled to open in 2012, The Parlor Recording Studio will be a top of the line music recording facility located in the Irish Channel neighborhood of uptown New Orleans. Created in partnership between producer/engineer Matt Grondin and music industry entrepreneur Judy Van Zant, with construction and design by the same crews who built Blackbird Studio in Nashville, The Parlor will offer large acoustic spaces and finely tuned rooms with plenty of isolation, as well as a live chamber. The studio will be heavily focused on preserving classic recording gear, including our all-discrete Neve 8078 console with Flying Faders, and will offer analog tape recording coupled with, of course, digital recording to Pro Tools HD for those who like their modern conveniences. We will have some of the finest in vintage equipment, including original Neumann microphones, original outboard pieces, plate reverb, and classic keyboards and guitar amps. Complete gear list will be announced prior to opening. Please stay tuned for updates!"

In the vein of The Bridge Recording Studio buildout, I figured my fellow slutz might enjoy seeing the process come together and thought that not only will it be fun and exciting to document, but it might also help to inform and entertain everyone as it comes together. I'm sure we will overcome some hurdles and make some mistakes along the way, so hopefully it will be educational as well. Thanks!